Month: January 2018

Planning a Premium Funeral For the One You Love



Funeral plans rank among the topics that most people consider as taboo to discuss. However, it is an important topic to discuss considering the mortality of human beings. If you have a family and desire to give them a decent send off when their time comes, you ought to hold this conversation with them. You should have adequate plans in place for your children by ensuring that you have adequately prepared in the event of your death or that of your spouse. You should put a good plan in place to cater for the costs of funeral services in Brisbane. Here is how to plan a premium funeral for your loved one:

Purchasing a Funeral Plan

Have you ever sat and thought who would be responsible for shouldering the expenses in the event that you or your loved ones die including the funeral. You may assume that your extended family will shoulder these costs but again assumption is not enough, you should purchase a good funeral plan. This plan will entitle you or your loved one gets a premium funeral when they die without causing a dent to your family finances.

It does not matter whether your family has a life insurance cover, it is important to consider getting funeral insurance. This funeral insurance will make things easier for your family in case of death, which comes unexpectedly. There are various benefits associated with purchasing funeral insurance. All the costs involved will be catered for by the insurance company and depending with its terms, the remaining family members will be entitled to a cash payout after some years. Buying a comprehensive funeral insurance package will ensure that your family will not be burdened with the costs during a time of hardship and emotional tragedy.

Hiring the Services of a Professional Funeral Director

Another way of ensuring that your loved one will get a befitting premium funeral would be by hiring an expert in funeral arrangements. You should look for a reputable funeral director from the best company that offers funeral services in Brisbane. Funeral directors are usually trained professionals who can handle any funeral arrangements on your behalf and ensure that every detail goes according to plan. You will only need to tell them what you need in the funeral of your loved one and they will come up with a comprehensive plan and also assist you in calculating the costs involved.

Finding a Good Funeral Insurance Coverage

Before signing a contract for your funeral insurance coverage, you should ensure that you have shopped around and interacted with a number of companies offering these services. You should find out whether the premium rates will change or not, whether the premiums will increase with age and how you will be paying for them. This could be monthly, weekly or fortnightly. You should also ensure that the funeral insurance coverage covers all your needs.

Final Words

Although it is difficult to discuss or plan for a premium funeral for our loved ones, we are not doing any wrong as we are aiming to protect the people we love and care about most. We must consider the importance of planning to give them a premium funeral services when they expire from this world. We all shall pass through this route and when this happens we will have protected the family from the huge burden that accompanies a funeral.

How Massage And Meditation Can Reduce Heart Problems


Regardless of a person’s age, the techniques involved in massage therapy results in enhanced feelings linked to well-being reduced stress and relaxation. The right massage techniques can circulate the blood more efficiently, that results in dropping the blood pressure and slowing down the heart rate.

Regular massages can decrease risks associated with a type of stress like cardiac arrhythmias. This is when the heart is pumping less effectively, which means less blood is able to reach the vital organs and the brain. Various studies have gone on to prove that consistent massage programs have the ability to decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure. When the blood pressure is maintained at a healthy level it contributes towards reducing the risks of suffering from a heart attack.

Massage therapy releases muscles that are contracted and pushes the venous blood into the heart, which eases any strains or pressure that the heart may be experiencing. Many experts suggest that massage is a drug-free alternative, non-invasive, and a humanistic approach that allows the body to heal in a natural way.

How Meditation Reduces Heart Problems

Many years ago, when the connection between the body and the mind were first under investigation, the first findings linked to meditation focused on hypertension, strokes and heart attacks. A heart that is healthy has to be free from disease. Yet, “heart health” when it comes to a holistic viewpoint also includes the emotional and subtle characteristics of the heart. This includes compassion, tenderness, acceptance, and love. The entire system which includes how a person feels thinks and breathes all meet up at this sensitive spot known as the heart.

Medical Research Studies about Meditation

Studies have consistently proven that sudden life changes or emotional shock such as the death of a loved one or losing a job has made individuals extensively more susceptible to disease. This is inclusive of heart attacks and heart disease.

A ground-breaking study conducted by Dr. Dean Ornish from the Harvard Medical School went on to establish that following a holistic lifestyle that includes meditation, had the ability to reverse fatty plaques which block the coronary arteries, which happen to be the main cause for most heart diseases. These comprehensive programs involve stress management, acupuncture, massage, diet, water, exercise, and meditation.


Achieving Balance Through Meditation

“Balance” is a word that may seem intangible to many, but this happens to be the chemical markers in association with all the benefits that meditation can bring about. Negative effects linked to stress placed on a heart, along with recovery processes from this stress, are all driven by neurotransmitter and hormone production throughout the person’s body. With meditation, it is possible to regulate and rebalance these biochemicals.

One of the main stress hormones is known as cortisol. Meditation has been discovered to reduce the levels of cortisol consistently. A deeper relaxation achieved through meditation is what triggers a person’s brain into releasing dopamine and oxytocin which are the beneficial neurotransmitters.

Oxytocin is what triggers the reaction which supports the abilities of a person to de-stress as well as how to behave more calmly when experiencing stressful situations. In addition, oxytocin immediately relieves stress symptoms such as high blood pressure as well as offering calming effects that are more long-term.

Meditation along with massage therapy has the ability to restore a person to a standing rest-rate that is deeper. Once a person is able to reach a balanced state, the immune system becomes stronger and in association with the heart, resistance t

owards stress will increase. These two factors significantly reduce the major risks associated with strokes and heart disease. Be sure to schedule regular massages with the best Columbus massage therapist to supplement your meditation regiment.