How to Get Pregnant After An Abortion


Getting Pregnant After An Abortion – What You Need To Know

Are you wondering whether or not you can get pregnant after having an abortion? Well, you might assume that your chances of getting pregnant again will be positive considering you had already conceived before termination. On the other hand, you might be thinking that the abortion affected your future chances of conceiving a healthy baby. It’s easy to get pregnant after securing an abortion but you need to take a few measures to guarantee uneventful pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Become Pregnant After An Abortion?

Before getting an abortion, you need to discuss the chances of getting pregnant again with your physician. If the procedure is performed without any complications, you’re recommended to wait about 3 months before trying to get pregnant. The physician might also recommend waiting longer than 3 months if the termination was performed with a mid or late term pregnancy.

You need to give your body some time to rest after the procedure, allowing it to fix all the deficiencies and regenerate accordingly. You need to analyze the reason for conceiving again so soon after an abortion. For instance, were you forced to have an abortion because of medical issues? Well, there’s a high likelihood of that happening again if you conceive immediately. On the other hand, some women suffer from psychological guilt because of getting an abortion and want to get pregnant immediately.

There are women who seek abortions because they are fearing for their lives and that of their child, particularly because of their current living situation. In such a case, getting pregnant again might put the child and mother in danger, especially if the living situations don’t change.

When Is The Right Time To Get Pregnant After An Abortion?

You can get pregnant immediately after an abortion clinic appointment. Since the ovulation process is controlled by hormones, you can get pregnant immediately the ovulation cycle is complete, as long as you’re not using birth control methods. That’s why you should use birth control methods to prevent pregnancy, if you don’t want it to happen immediately.

You can get pregnant within 7 to 10 days after terminating your pregnancy. It can happen when you’re still bleeding from the procedure. You’re advised to use a reliable birth control technique at least a week after getting pregnant to guarantee a healthy pregnancy next time round. If the abortion was performed early enough, especially in the first trimester, you can get pregnant again as soon as possible.

How To Boost Recovery From An Abortion

Medical practitioners advise women to wait for a month before trying to pregnant again to make sure the uterus is completely healed. Here are some useful ways to speed recovery after getting an abortion. First, you should take a lot of fluids to replenish the body after the undergoing the traumatic procedure.

Secondly, you should stay away from heavy load work for a few days. Don’t exercise for at least 2 weeks and you should stay away from swimming pools or bath tubs for around 2 weeks. Finally, take all the medication the doctors prescribes to you for the best results.

If you want to get pregnant immediately after an abortion, you may also want to spend some time working through your feelings and your reasons for the abortion, so that you have the best mental and physical health through your next pregnancy.