Enhancing Sustainability and Shelf Life

In the competitive Cereal and Granola market vertical standing out from the crowd in both terms of taste and marketing is a vital element of any brands success. With pressure from retail partners, and consumers for fresh tasting granola in a environmentally friendly packaging solution it’s no wonder that many brands focus on trade offs such as “we’ll go for ecofriendly but give up shelf life” but diminished shelf life can create all kinds of headaches.

This case study highlights how the startup brand Goodness granola makes the decision with the help of CarePac’s leading team of packaging experts. to address these challenges by adopting flexible barrier packaging. This sustainable packaging solution not only improved the product's shelf life but also aligned with the company's commitment to environmental responsibility.

team Case Study: CarePac's Flexible Barrier Packaging Enhances Sustainability and Shelf Life for Goodness Granola

Origin of the Idea

Goodness Granola popped into the founder’s head one afternoon while she was hungry and needed a quick fulfilling snack. It was a “why not me” kind of moment she said. A simple plan was hatched, to source high-quality ingredients and maintaining a sustainable approach to business.


Goodness Granola face a couple of big challenges. The interplay between being eco-friendly and maintaining what the consumer ultimately wants: a fresh great tasting product. 

Shelf life: They soon discovered that to have any impact, and gain traction they needed good shelf life, even the best ingredients get stale if not stored in a sealed containers with low migration rates of oxygen and moisture.

Eco-friendly materials are still maturing: The company was exploring using various eco-friendly materials but found most lacking in relation to print quality, and shelf life.

shelf life illustration Case Study: CarePac's Flexible Barrier Packaging Enhances Sustainability and Shelf Life for Goodness Granola


Goodness Granola decided to collaborate with CarePac and use CarePac CareCompost-PVP metalized PLA based material. 

The reasons were

  • A lower cost point than metalized cellulose. 
  • Higher Barrier than standard PLA. 
  • Biodegradable.
  • High quality print options with plate printing
  • Matte Finish
Goodness Granola Bag


Goodness Ltd.'s partnership with CarePac and the adoption of flexible barrier packaging have proven to be a game changer. By addressing their shelf life challenges while also enhancing sustainability, the company is off to a great start. This case study demonstrates how strategic packaging choices can lead to improved product performance, customer satisfaction, and sustainability goals, ultimately benefitting both the company and its customers.


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