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Pouch Bags By Industry

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Custom pouch bags are a versatile and practical solution for a wide range of industries and products. From healthcare to retail and beyond, these bags can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. For example, in healthcare, custom pouch bags can be designed to store medical supplies or protect sensitive equipment, while in retail, they can be used for packaging or as promotional items. Whatever your industry, custom pouch bags offer a cost-effective and customizable solution for all your packaging and storage needs.

Learn More About Each Industry & Its Packaging

Whether you work in the snack food, pet food, cosmetics, or virtually any other industry on the planet, you understand the importance of attracting new customers. And, one of the best ways to attract new customers is by having beautiful custom packaging that will help your product stand out on the shelves. This is why CarePac offers custom packaging bags and pouches in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. Regardless of what you sell, we can help you sell even more of it with custom packaging. 

We’re proud to offer a selection of packaging options for your products, including custom boxes and flexible packaging with hang tags, that are focused on your market segment and brand goals. Our team will work closely with your business to design and produce a bag that’s attractive, high-quality, and will keep your product as fresh as it was the day it was packaged. Continue reading to learn more about our company and how we can create a custom bag that's personalized for you! 

FDA Food and Beverage

Sustainable retort pouches for food packaging stand up pouch 8 seal pouch perfect Sealed Food Pouches

FDA Food Custom Packaging

One of the largest market segments we service is the food industry. From jerky, to rice, from granola to coffee and everything in between. If consumers can eat it or drink it, then we can make packaging for it. 

Some of the most important features in food packaging including compliance to FDA regulations, custom sizing, and meeting the application parameters of this wide industry segment. For example frozen food, needs completely different material than shelf stable goods. We've got you covered with custom pouch solutions for your food product.


Beauty and Personal Care Custom Packaging

While often considered a segment of CPG packaging we think beauty and personal care products deserve their own classification. These products thrive with quality high impact packaging which gets noticed and connects with your brand's image. For personalized flexible packaging that will showcase your products, get started today! 

Beauty and Personal Care

Cosmetic and personal care pouch Flexible & Sustainable Personal Care Packaging Hair Care or Bath Salt Stand Up Pouch

Retail and CPG Packaging

Laundry Detergent Packaging Printed Detergent & Washing Powder Packaging Pouch and Bags

Retail and CPG Packaging to Convince Your Customers to Shop 

From detergent to shopping bags. Retail and CPG application encompass many products and categories with vastly different packaging requirements. Whether it liquid spout pouches, stand up pouches for detergent or a bag that has your logo, one thing is clear: CarePac can make it happen. 

21 CRF 73 Approved Packaging

FDA approved packaging for foods refers to packaging materials that meet the requirements outlined by the Food and Drug Administration as safe for contact with food products, ensuring that they do not contain harmful chemicals or contaminants that could pose a risk to human health.

Pet Food and Treats

We've made pouches and flexible packaging for a variety of pet products, from dog treats to hamster bedding.  Your customer has a lot of options to choose from, so how do you make your pet product get noticed? First with great graphics and branding, and secondly with well preserved treats and food which their pets will love. Our barrier packaging will get you both, with exceptional printing and long shelf life stability.


Pet Food and Treat

Pet Food Packaging Flair Flexible Packaging Cat Dog Food Custom Stand Up Pouches Sustainable pet food packaging


Flexible Plastic Wrapper Packaging Organic Manure Packaging Bag Custom Biodegradable Organic Fertilizer Chemical Packaging Bag for Plant

Industrial Pouch Packaging

From herbicides, insecticide, and fertilizers, to machine parts, electrical components, or industrial tubing. Industrial products are often packed in laminated flexible barrier packaging. 

THC and CBD Products Packaging

Compliant and an eye popping design would be the two words to describe the needs of THC and CBD products packaging. Compliant with the myriad of laws and regulations which vary state to state, and eye popping to be seen on a dispensary shelf. 

THC and CBD Packaging

Digitally Printed CBD And Cannabis Packaging Stand Up Pouch Exit bags or in Stick Pouch Cbd mylar bag

Health and Wellness

Medical Healthcare Pharmaceutical Packaging Pouch Aligner Bags Pills 3 Seal Pouches

Health and Wellness

Supplements, and vitamins to eye patches, sampler sachets, secondary medical device packaging,  and more. Health, wellness and pharmaceutical products can be successfully packaged in flexible barrier packaging, and CarePac knows how to do design them. With our full customization and design capabilities, printing options, and material selections we can help you build the perfect pouch for your product. 

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