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Are you looking for vacuum sealer rolls or bags?

If you’re in the commercial food preparation industry, you understand the importance of keeping food fresh and avoiding spoilage and contamination. Not only does it improve the experience of the end customer, but it reduces food waste and improves ROI across the food prep and production spectrum.

Our commercial vacuum seal bags and vacuum sealer rolls can be used for several different types of food preparation and storage, including marinating meats and vegetables, freezing, sous vide cooking, and even boiling soups and sauces. They’re also a great way to transport food from a food prep facility to a restaurant. With professional vacuum sealing, you can eliminate oxidation, preserve flavors and oils, prevent freezer burn, and help maintain the natural moisture of your food. Plus they're clear, so you'll know exactly what's inside.

Regardless of the specific foods you want to store and preserve, CarePac offers a variety of clear bulk vacuum sealer bags for our wholesale food customers to choose from. 

What are the material options?

Our boilable food vacuum bags are BPA-free and made with FDA and USDA-approved food grade plastics, offer excellent moisture and oxygen transmission rates and can be microwaved, boiled, freezed, and work with “bone-in” applications. We offer these clear bags in 3 mil, 4 mil, and up to 7 mil.

Our co-extruded poly-nylon vacuum bags and flat poly bags will stop oxygen and moisture form penetrating these clear bags when sealed, helping you avoid spoilage by extending the shelf life of your fruits, veggies, meats, and other foods.


Base Formulation



Higher Barrier with EVOH or PVDC coating


Standard commercial quality vacuum film available in 3.0 - 8.0 mil thickness


Boilable Vacuum bag material, optional ratings of 100C - 120C

What are the different bag styles?

As you search for vacuum sealer rolls online, you’ll likely come across two different options: chamber and embossed/external.

 Embossed bags have a grid on them that allows at-home vacuum sealer machines to vacuum them out. As the name implies, chamber bags are put into a chamber which then sucks the air out of the bag. Since CarePac is a wholesale vacuum sealer bag distributor, we manufacture and sell chamber vacuum bags, as these are the best choice for wholesale food prep operations.

It’s important to note that our chamber vacuum sealer bags will only work with an in-chamber, non-channeled, commercial vacuum sealer. If you’re wondering if our clear bags are compatible with your commercial vacuum sealer, please reach out to our customer service team for more information. 

Wholesale vacuum sealer bags: Things to consider

If you’re thinking about purchasing wholesale vacuum sealer bags, there are a few things to consider and keep in mind when shopping with CarePac, including:

Fast Lead Times

Bulk orders of stock size vacuum bags can ship the same day the order is placed. and Customized sizes and printed bags can be shipped in as little as 3 weeks. 

Customer Service

When you call, an actual person (in the US!) will answer the phone, eager to answer all of your questions.

Contact us today for five star customer service!

Price Conscious

We have many different options for budgets of all sizes. And our prices aren’t only competitive, we offer a 5% price match guarantee on all vacuum bags. Plus, our units per package number is flexible. 

Low MOQs

Our minimum order quantities for vacuum packaging are some of the lowest around -- as few as 100 bags for prototyping with a digital print job. Please contact us if you need low case units.

Ultimately, there are a variety of benefits when it comes to vacuum-sealing your foods. Pre-prepared foods such as deli meats, cheeses, salads, fruits, and veggies can be stored for several days without a reduction in quality. Using pre-portioned soups and sauces can reduce food waste, and cooked (or raw) food can be hygienically stocked and transported together without the risk of cross-contamination.

Going with a tried-and-true company, like CarePac, that has been in the business for decades and has top notch service, can mean the difference between preserved food and spoiled food. Let us help you improve your ROI and increase the shelf life of your packaged food products with our high-quality bulk vacuum sealer bags. Once you try our vacuum seal bags, you won’t want to go back to any other method of food preservation. That’s the CarePac promise!

Wholesale vacuum sealer bags: Things to consider

While our vacuum sealer bags can be customized, most of our wholesale customers purchase these clear bags as-is. By purchasing stock bags, you won’t have to worry about branding or labeling, and the bags will reach you with a much quicker turnaround rate than they would if you ordered a custom order. Of course, we are more than happy to work with you through the customization process. Simply reach out to us and we’ll help you get wholesale vacuum sealer bags designed to your specifications.

You can purchase our clear vacuum sealer bags as rolls or individually in bulk packs. You’ll need vacuum sealers and equipment of your own to package your products with our clear vacuum sealer bags.

Wholesale vacuum sealer bags:
FAQ Review

As a leading supplier of bulk vacuum sealer bags in the United States, we get a lot of questions from current and prospective customers. Here are just a few of the most common:

Can vacuum sealer bags be put in the freezer/microwave?

Yes, vacuum seal bags can be used in both the freezer and the microwave. You can even purchase boilable versions that can be used to boil soups and sauces. Vacuum pouches are ideal for long-term storage of food in the freezer and, since much of the air is removed from the package before freezing, the formation of ice crystals (otherwise known as freezer burn) can be avoided. 

How safe are vacuum sealer bags? 

All bags sold by CarePac are food-safe and approved by the FDA and USDA. Quality can vary from brand to brand, which is why we recommend always purchasing your bulk vacuum pouches from a quality and trusted company like ours. 

Is it possible to wash and reuse vacuum sealer bags? 

Although you can re-use sealer bags, it’s not advisable to do so -- especially for establishments in the food industry that are held to a higher cleanliness standard than home kitchens are. If your bag previously contained dry foods, like bread or chips, you may be able to re-use the bag. But, if it contained meats, fish, soups, eggs, or cheese, discard the bag immediately after use as it may contain bacteria.
Ultimately, our recommendation is to use vacuum seal bags only once for hygienic reasons. 

Are vacuum sealer bags better than rolls?

For wholesale operations, vacuum seal bag rolls are definitely the better option. Rolls are easier to store and do provide cost savings over bags. 

What types of food can/cannot be vacuumed seal?

You can vacuum seal most foods, including fruits, vegetables, meats, chicken, seafood, nuts, soups, snacks, eggs, sauces, and complete meals. You can seal both raw and cooked foods, just be sure to vacuum seal them in different bags and to always practice good food safety.

One type of food that you cannot vacuum seal is cruciferous vegetables (arugula, bok choy, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, kale, etc.) They emit gas as they ripen, which will fill the bag with air and cause the food inside to spoil. You also can’t seal things like mushrooms, garlic, and especially soft cheeses. 

What do the different bag thicknesses mean?

The bag’s thickness will tell you a lot about its durability. Thicker bags are more durable than thinner bags and will also last longer in storage. If you plan on storing items in the freezer for long periods of time, we recommend purchasing bags with a higher thickness, as they will hold up better against rips, tears, or punctures. We can help you determine which thickness is best for your situation. 

Technical Specifications

PET/PE can be altered in several ways to produce different variations through the use of coatings. It is FDA-approved and possesses a high contact clarity. The example technical specifications below are for a 3.0 mil PET/PE lamination. Contact us for five star customer service! 


Test Method

Unit of Measure

Typical Value





sq. In/Lb




gms/100 sq.in. /24 hrs




cc/100 sq. in /24 hrs






Tensile MD

ASTM D-882

Lbs. at break


Tensile XMD

ASTM D-882

Lbs. at break


Tear MD

ASTM 689

Lbs. at break


Tear XMD

ASTM 689

Lbs. at break



Fed. TM 2065



Here is a simple table showing the properties of a 3 mil PET/LLDPE laminated film.

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