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Metalized Bag Printing- Metalized Bags & Pouches

Use of metallization in your pouch finish will provide a striking visual effect that catches the consumer's eye. They'll love the bag and will be curious about the products within. Metallization is a great way to emphasis a particular element, like a logo, or a certification badge. It can also be used to bring a design to life, and combined with other printing effects like spot matte / spot gloss.  You can metalize the side of a bag, the tear notch, the seal, or add mylar foil on the bottom to make sure it stands apart from everything else on the shelf. 

Common metalized areas on pouches include:

  • Watermarks
  • Logos
  • Highlights
  • Awards / badges

The uses of mylar or metallization effects on zipper pouch bags and pouches are limited only by your designer's imagination. 

Available Colors for Metalized Bags

We can apply metalized effects to any part of the bag and create custom metalized print elements for your products which means, in essence, any color of the rainbow can be metalized. Here are a few of the most common metalized colors that we can add to your metallized zipper pouch or seal. 

Silver Metallization

Gold Metallization

Rose Gold Metallization

Custom Color Metallization

Available Methods of Metallization

Metallization is an advanced printing technique where areas of your design have a metalized effect applied to them creating a unique eye-catching effect.

Metalized effects are a great at showing off specific design elements, such as your logo, watermarks, awards, or badges. Metalized effects can be incorporated into many elements of your design lending a metallic effect that turns heads in the store, the uses of metallization are only limited by your imagination!

CarePac offers several methods of pouch metallization.

Embossed Foil

The traditional form of metallization is embossed foil. This is the method where metalized foil is placed on the surface of the pouch through a embossing process. Embossed foil yields similar results to the other metallization effects but is limited to gold and silver colors. 

Relief Metallization

With relief metallization, metalized material is incorporated into the pouch's lamination structure then ink base is applied to obscure the metallization in all areas except those where metallization is desired. Then additional ink is used to colorize the metallization as needed. 

DMET Metallization

In the DMET metallization process, clear base material is partially metalized before printing, this allows the combination of a clear view window and metalized areas to exist on the same surface of the pouch. This is a combination of a printing and custom die procedure.  

Bags & Pouches- FAQ

Is metalized effect different than embossed foil?

While metalized effects are very similar to embossed foil they differ in how the metalized / foil look is obtained. With embossed foil the foil is a separate material that is applied to the exterior of the pouch at the end of production, after other steps have completed. With Metalized effect the metalized layer part of the lamination of the pouch. We then use ink base to allow the metallization to only show where you want it. 

Can metalized effects be used on a clear material, on the same face of the pouch as a viewing window?

Yes, CarePac offers combined metalized / clear material with custom DMET metallization procedures. DMET metallization is available with plate printed bags. 


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