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Ground Meat Bags 
1LB & 2LB Ground Beef Bags

What are ground meat bags?

"Ground meat bags" is the general term given to any pouch, bag, or package that's used to store and pack ground meat, including pork sausage, ground beef, wild game, or any other type of beef or pork product. These meat bags, sometimes called "chub bags," help prevent freezer burn and protect the product inside from exposure to oxygen and other contaminants.

Meat bags: Sizes and materials


Our ground beef bags are made from food-safe materials and are proudly made in the USA by our team of packaging professionals. Available in 1 lb and 2 lb sizes, our meat bags are one of our most popular items and are often purchased in wholesale or bulk sizes.

Our standard, always-in-stock meat bags come in 2 mil thickness with a 1-1/2" bottom gusset and can stack on top of each other for safe and convenient transport and storage. They can be enclosed with poly bag tape, a tin tie, or various enclosure options - contact us today with any questions or to discuss the best way to package your various pork, beef, and meat items.

As a leading supplier of wholesale meat bags, we know you have many different options for meat bags, and we're honored that you're considering CarePac's meat bags to help safeguard your ground meat from freezer burn.

Fully customizable bags for
pork sausage & other meats

Whether you're packaging pork sausage, ground beef, wild game, or some other type of meat, working with CarePac means you can customize every square inch of your packaging product. Here are a few ways you can customize your 1 lb or 2 lb pouches before adding them to your cart.

Add important information to the label

Whether you need to add freezer or safe handling instructions, the origin of your wild game or beef, MSRP, or any other information to your meat bags, CarePac can incorporate anything you'd like onto the pork sausage or ground beef packaging label.


Showcase your brand with custom colors

Want to attract your customer's attention as they browse the frozen meat aisle? In today's competitive market, it's not easy to stand out from all the other ground beef and ground meat products. Why not add bright colors or your company's colors to help push the sale? We make it easy!

Impress your customers with special features

Another way CarePac can customize your 1 lb or 2 lb ground beef bags is by incorporating special features onto the product. Some of these features include soft touch, matte packaging, or holographic elements. We can incorporate these elements along the gusset or seal, on the front or back, or virtually anywhere else on the ground beef bags.


Why choose CarePac?

There are several reasons why CarePac is the best choice for your ground beef, wild game, or pork packaging. Here are just a few of the things that set our brand apart from the competition:

Family-owned and operated

We are a small company and proud of it! We have not been bought out by a huge corporation, and our customer service proves this. We have a long list of happy customers and can't wait to add you to that list.


At CarePac, we value health and safety above all else. Our 1 lb and 2 lb ground beef bags are FDA-approved and free of harmful ingredients like TSE and BPA. If your bags are purchased from us, you'll buy an FDA-approved product.

We'll save you money on bags

Simply put, we're a cost-effective option for purchasing bags. After all, wouldn't you rather invest more money into perfecting your product? With the money you save from buying our bags, you can!

Get started today

As you can see, CarePac truly takes the guesswork out of designing and printing the perfect bag for your ground meat, beef, and wild game. No matter your needs, we are committed to providing you with the best solution. Get a Quick Quote to learn more about our meat packaging solutions today!


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