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Side Gusset Pouch

Side Gusset Pouch

The square bottom, side gusset bag is  an older pouch configuration that is often used in the coffee industry and many others.

Side Gusseted Stand Up Pouch

Before the invention of K-style or Doyen Stand Up Pouches, the only game around was Square Bottoms. Square bottom pouches are a older configuration of pouch, still popular with the coffee industry, and many others.

  • Square Bottom Pouch can be used with most closure options
  • Fully Printable (front, back, sides, bottom)
  • Best for thicker materials
  • Not compatible with spouts.

As the bottom gusset provides the stability and allows the pouch to stay upright, the proper choice of which style to use is important. Typically, there are 3 options:

  • Doyen (also called Round Bottom or Doypack)
  • K-Seal
  • Corner Bottom (also called Plow (Plough) Bottom or Folded Bottom)

Why Choose Custom Side Gusset Pouches?

Demand for your product is growing, and so is your business. Here are some benefits of using side gusset pouches for food, pet products, and other items.

What are the most common uses for Side Gusseted Pouches

Side gusset can be used for almost any use, but the most common is for Coffee packaging. Can also be used for medical instrument storage, pet items, and frozen food. 

Are you exhausted from hand labeling?

No more! Please help me! – Yep we can pre-print. One pouch doesn’t fit all. We know. That’s why we’ve tailored solutions to help you get the pouch that’s right for your product.

Professional Packaging

Don’t make your product fit the packaging, make your packaging fit the product.

Custom size 3-side seal flat pouches

You choose, we deliver. We will produce custom size bags with any features, size or materials you choose.

Custom printed flat pouches

Stand out from the crowd. We print any branding elements on the base material of your choice and produce your bags with it.

Stock 3-side seal pouches and bags

No branding? No problem. We will ship you stock sized bags right away, no customization required.

Experience and Quality You Can Trust

side gusseted pouch

At CarePac, we have over 5 years of experience packaging liquids including fruit juice, water, baby food, oil, salad dressing, and even alcohol and wine. Our pouches can be filled hot or cold, and can be refrigerated, frozen, or kept at room temperature. Each pouch is designed based on the product’s specific needs: how it will be filled, shipped, stored, and ultimately sold on a retail store shelf.

For custom printed spouted pouches, our minimum run starts at 5,000 pieces. Spouted stand up pouches can be printed in up to 40 colors, and the spouts and caps can be applied in your choice of location, on the top center, in either corner, or in special positions like the sides. In addition, with CarePac, you’re always guaranteed top quality and value.

Frequently Asked Questions About Side Gusseted Bags

Q: What are the most common uses for Side Gusseted Pouches

Side Gusseted pouches can be used for almost any use, but the most common is for Coffee packaging. Can also be used for medical instrument storage, and frozen foods.

Q: Can a Side Gusseted Pouch Srand Up on A shelf?

Yes and no, a Side Gusseted Pouch will generally "stand up" on a shelf when filled with a granular, powder or bean (like coffee beans), but will not stand up until it is loaded.

Q: Are Side Gusseted Pouches going out of style?

Side gusseted pouches are older and more traditional style of pouch, so if you are going for a traditional look, by all means go for it. Generally speaking the side gusseted pouch is getting eclipsed by the box bottom pouch or stand up pouch for many industries.

Q: Can Side Gusseted Pouches have a standard zipper?

A standard zipper isn't recommended on side gusset bags. Using a Tin-Tie or just heat sealing the pouch is preferred. If you want a similar design but with a zipper consider a box bottom pouch.

Q: Can I control where the fin is located on a side gusseted pouch? 

First for those that don't know, a side gusseted pouch has two primary seals, one runs along the bottom of the pouch, and the other runs the vertical distance of the pouch's length. The bottom seal cannot be moved, but the seal that runs the length of the bag can be placed on one of the corners of the bags to hide it, or straight down the middle, like a more traditional style. When it runs down the middle it can effect the readability of text and graphics.

The Side Gusset Bag Supplier You Can Trust

Are you looking for a side gusset supplier who will give you superior quality, outstanding customer service and highly-competitive pricing?

CarePac is a family-owned, California-based manufacturer of commercial-grade FDA approved custom stand-up pouches. We do everything in-house, start-to-finish. If it CAN be made, we can make it here...to your exact specifications, every time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup business working on your first custom side-gussets, or if you’re an established business looking for a reliable supplier - our goal is earn and keep your business for years to come.

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