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Zipper Pouch

What to Look For in Zipper Pouches

Reclosable bags, also known as zipper bags or poly bags, are a great way to keep products safe from outside elements, keep food fresh and avoid spilling due to their locking capabilities. When looking for the correct style of resealable bags for you, there are several things to consider.

Plastic Bag Enclosure Options

Zippers are one of the three primarily re-closure options for plastic bags. extruded zippers are ubiquitous and found on almost all flexible barrier bags that are designed for more than a single use. Zippers, Tin-Ties and Lip and Seal Tape all have specific use cases. But generally the Extruded and insert style zipper is the most common. If you're looking to compare zippers to other re-closure options check out our blog post.  

Lip and Seal Tape

Custom Printed Flexible Packaging Zipper Types & Sizes

CarePac has a variety of affordable resealable poly bags and plastic bags. Compare each against the other to determine which one is the right fit for your needs.

Standard Zipper - Reclosable

Flange zippers are the most common and standard zipper used in poly bags. The press-to-close zipper provides residual barrier after the heat-sealed pouch has been opened, but unlike string zippers, the flange zippers lock shut, retaining barrier and keeping the contents of the stand up pouches fresh longer.

Heavy Duty Flanged Zipper

For reclosable poly bags that hold heavy products or need an extra strong zipper seal lock. The heavy duty version of the flange zipper is used for applications where the customer is expected to use the contents of the package over a longer time and for higher number of open close cycles. The dual track also increase barrier retention and ensures the package is as tightly closed as possible.

Pull-Tab Style Zipper (Insert Style Zipper)

The zipper is located on only one face of the bag, great for roll stock pouches. Pull-Tab zippers are built into one face of the bag (the front) allowing the top of the bag to be complete clear and open during loading. This has several advantages in high-speed filling environments. Less time and effort is required opening the bag like a bottom loading 3-seal, and it ensures that the bag is fully sealed at the end of loading.

Child Resistant 


A special style of stand up pouches designed to be difficult for children to open. Child resistant zippers are a current trend, with the increased legalization of cannabis, but they have long been used in pharmaceuticals and poison control packaging. The goal of a child resistant zipper is to protect kids from appealing, but dangerous, products while allowing the consumer to use the product when needed.



Powder zippers are designed to not be as easily clogged by fine powders like flour, industrial chemicals, and more. The power zipper forces powder back into the poly bags during the process of pressing the zipper closed, reducing the effect of powder getting caught in the flange.

Wide Flange


Wide flange zippers provide more enforced grab area for thin materials. They have a higher side wall which extends beyond the normal zipper area. It can be used to create a neater appearance of the tear line and gives the customer indication of where to place their thumb when tearing open your packaging. 

Hook and Loop


Hook and Loop zippers can provide for easier end-user zipper alignment, but generally provide lower re-seal barrier. 



The lowly string zipper is the most inexpensive zipper and often found on mono-layer bags. 

How do you intend to use your resealable bag (zipper bag)?

Most resealable bags utilize a zip function to maintain an air-tight seal and allow the bag to be re-sealed while the consumer uses the product inside. When your customer uses a stand up pouch for storage, they keep your brand marketing front and center. There are different kinds of zipper bags for different applications. You need to determine what type of zipper you need for your  resealable bag. Common applications for resealable and zipper bags include coffee, pet food, nuts, tea, and other food packaging.

Once you know what you are going to put in the bag you should test the bag to make sure your product fits inside. You wouldn’t believe how many times customers forget this step and realize the dimensions of their bag are incorrect. Maybe they measured the outside of the bag but failed to realize you will lose some space with the seam of the bag, depending on what type of bag you select. Our flexible packaging bags can also be ordered with a window, so your customer can easily see what's inside. 

Zipper packs have consistently been related with the food packaging industry, because they are one of the best ways to quickly wrap and unwrap any type of food, while also keeping it fresh for longer. They work better than aluminum foil and can be ordered in a variety of film and color options, including white, brown, and kraft paper. They’re great for businesses because packaging takes less time and the zipper bags help to inhibit decay. What’s more, they’re wonderful for customers, who love to use them for storage because of their reusable qualities. 

Do you need a custom printed resealable bag or will a stock bag work?

You may think you need a custom printed bag, but that's not necessarily the case. We have many different stock size poly bags with a resealable zipper that may work just fine for what you need. You can purchase stock size poly bags in bulk to save you time and money, but you don't have the advantage of custom printing your branding on the packaging. They are available in a variety of colors and designs, including white, brown, laminated, kraft paper, and with a window.  

One benefit of choosing a stock bag is that you can get them very quickly. If you find yourself running low on inventory, stock bags work great in a pinch. This way you can still ship product while waiting for your custom order to be fulfilled. Not sure if you can should use one of our stock sizes or go custom? Give our packaging experts a call and we'll help you decide what's best for your product!

Example of a printed reclosable bag

Do you have the right artwork for your bags?

Have you decided that you need a custom stand up pouch, but aren't sure about how to provide the artwork? We have good news for you! You don't need to have press-ready artwork in order to get custom printed packaging. There are many technical considerations when printing barrier films, and we do all the work for you. We'll take your original art files and set them up for printing, ensuring you get the best quality packaging possible for your brand. 

Once we process your artwork, we'll send you a digital art proof so that you can advise us of any revisions you'd like to have. Our design team can even work with you to recreate a logo or other artwork you may not have the original files for. Our goal is to provide you with the best stand up bags on the market at a price point that fits your budget.

Stand Up Pouch Corner Style Gusset

Are you working with the right company for your zipper bags?

Whatever your application and need might be, finding the right resealable bag manufacturer is the difference between receiving an average solution and receiving the perfect, custom crafted resealable bag for your application. Working with an experienced resealable bag manufacturer will enable you to purchase a resealable bag that fulfills every one of your prerequisites and fits every one of the requirements you need. Everything begins with knowing your application and the necessities that you have, and with that clearly conveying those requirements to your preferred resealable bag manufacturer.

CarePac is an expert in supplying resealable bags. Regardless of whether the application is for coffee packaging, or other food packaging that needs to be protected from moisture, CarePac can supply the correct resealable bag. Our resealable bags and stand up pouches are the best in the business.

We make an effort to understand what our customers need to do, and how our resealable bags and stand up pouches need to be used, especially for food packaging. We understand film structures and their properties so we can suggest materials that work with our client’s specific needs. We have the one-of-a-kind capacity to custom print both small and large amounts of resealable bags for food products and packaging. We handle the design, prototyping, sampling, manufacturing and delivery of resealable bags to their final destination. Contact us today to begin your order and for a quick quote! 

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