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OOP Pouches

What are OPP pouches?

OPP pouches are pouches made from oriented polypropylene. OPP bags are one of the most popular and versatile types of plastic bags on the market, and most semi-clear or fully transparent "poly bags" you encounter are actually made from OPP material. OPP offers high clarity and a moderate moisture barrier and is suitable for dried snacks, cookies, tobacco, seeds, spices, dried fruits, and other types of food products. Some companies even package consumer goods like clothing accessories in a clear OPP pack.

Need custom OPP laminated bags? Let CarePac be your provider for all your flexible packaging needs. Learn more about the benefits of our custom printed and custom sized OPP bags and the customization services CarePac can provide.

Benefits of OPP bags

OPP bags are convenient, offer good performance and durability, and are incredibly versatile. Here are a few additional benefits of these types of poly bags.

Save time (and money) on labeling

Do you want your logo printed directly onto the pack? Would you prefer to write out product instructions for your customers? You don't need to do it the hard way! We can even print your Amazon ASIN barcodes directly onto your OPP bags, meaning you'll save time and money on complex labeling.


Fully customizable Sizing

When you purchase OPP bags from CarePac, you can customize every part of the bag. You've been ordering a clear 8 x 10 stock bag, but a 8.25 x 10 would be a perfect fit. By working with us, you'll be able to order OPP bags in the exact sizes and styles you need, and no customization request or problem is too big or complex. You can even design them with a self-adhesive seal or a zipper seal, which will save your team even more time! Trust us, the self-adhesive flap is a game-changer! Our team will work hard to create the very best product for you and will meet all your expectations along the way.

Anti-fogging properties

OPP bags offer high transparency, mostly because they're manufactured with anti-fog properties. These anti-fogging features allow customers to see the color, shape, and quantity of the beautiful item inside before they buy without having to read a description or sort through reviews. This is a great option for companies that manufacture brightly colored or especially delicious-looking products.


Food-grade materials

Our OPP bags are made from non-toxic, food-grade materials, meaning they can come into direct contact with nuts, dried fruits, and other types of food products. Often made from two layers for double protection, our line of OPP bags will protect what's inside from exposure to air and other contaminants while in your customer's cart or pantry. This way, whatever they buy will be as fresh as the day the item was made.

Experience the CarePac difference  

Still not sure? CarePac focuses exclusively on custom-size packaging for a variety of industries and companies, including food manufacturers. We have exceptional customer service reps committed to ensuring your order is completed to perfection. With our CareDesign® process, you can rest assured that your custom OPP bags will be done right, no matter what. 

Ready to experience the CarePac difference? We think now is the right time to give us a try.  Call us today for more information and to get one step closer to perfecting your OPP bags, regardless of the size or quantity.


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