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CarePac Overview

This document is designed to provide a overview of the terms of service for this site; our privacy policy, the terms by which we agree to sell pouches; and various performance disclaimers. 

Film Performance Disclaimer

The performance of any sealant, film, or finished good should be evaluated within the context of the application.  Many variables can affect bag seal strength, including the physical properties of the substrate being sealed to, thickness, flange or surface design, heat seal temperature, dwell time and pressure. The condition and type of the sealing equipment used, such as roller sealers versus platen seal mechanisms can make a significant difference. In most cases sealant peel strength is used as a measure of performance. Although this is a convenient test, peel strength is affected not only by substrate adhesion but also by peel angle, separation rate, ambient temperature, tensile and modulus properties of the materials, and often by the time elapsed since the formation of the bond. If sealant peel strength is used as a measure of sealant performance, it is imperative that peel strength be evaluated not only at the time of initial heat sealing, but throughout the life of the product and under all the conditions to which the sealant will be exposed. Only then does peel strength provide a reliable indication of adhesive performance in the specific application.

Applicable laws may differ from one location to another and may change with time, the Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Customer’s workplace, packaging specifications, and disposal practices are in compliance with applicable laws and other governmental enactments. 

Medical Application Restrictions

NOTICE REGARDING CERTAIN MEDICAL APPLICATION RESTRICTIONS: CarePac will not knowingly sell or sample any product, finished goods, films, or partially finished goods (“Product”) into any commercial or developmental application that is intended for: a. contact with internal bodily fluids or tissues. ; b. use in cardiac prosthetic devices regardless of the length of time involved (“cardiac prosthetic devices” include, but are not limited to, pacemaker leads and devices, artificial hearts, heart valves, intra-aortic balloons and control systems, and ventricular bypass-assisted devices); c. use as a critical component in medical devices that support or sustain human life; or d. use specifically by pregnant women or in applications designed specifically to promote or interfere with human reproduction. CarePac requests that customers considering use of film, or finished packaging products in any medical applications notify CarePac so that appropriate assessments may be conducted.

Suitability of packaging for your use

The fitness of any packaging material for a particular use application is influenced by many variables of the specific use application beyond the scope of what could be addressed in this document. CarePac and the film supplier does not endorse or claim suitability of its products for specific applications or uses. The performance of any sealant, film, or finished packaging should be evaluated within the context of the specific use application, and the customer must perform adequate and complete testing before any packaging is introduced to a production environment. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine whether the film, its components, and packaging made from the film are safe for the end user, lawful, and technically suitable for the intended use. Customer’s testing and investigation should incorporate foreseeable end-user mistakes, misuse, and normal production variances when determining suitability, safety, and developing end-user use instructions. CarePac assumes no obligation or liability for the information in this document. The information provided in this document should only be used as a starting point for the customer’s own investigation, and testing when determining whether this material is fit for a particular use application. THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT ENDORSEMENT FOR ANY PARTICULAR USE, NO WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN; ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY AND TOTALLY EXCLUDED.

Notice Developmental Products

NOTICE: If products are described as “developmental”: (1) product specifications may not be fully determined; (2) analysis of hazards and caution in handling and use are required; (3) there is greater potential for the film supplier to change specifications and/or discontinue production; and (4) although CarePac may from time to time provide samples of such products, CarePac is not obligated to supply or otherwise commercialize such products for any use or application whatsoever.

Film Data Disclaimer

All values indicated regarding film properties or characteristics, were provided by our film supplier and are given as an indication and should be considered as average indicative values. This document is based on our film supplier statements, while unexpected, it is possible that the validity of the statements could change without notice.

Privacy Policy

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