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Custom Printed Roll Stock | Rollstock Printing

Rollstock Products at a Better Price Than the Competition

By offering both digitally printed roll stock and plate printed roll stock options, CarePac, a leader in custom roll stock, allows you to do quick A+B testing. This unique benefit means you can perfect your printed roll stock and scale faster than your competitors. Because, unlike our competitors, we'll be with you throughout the life cycle of your rollstock product. Reach out for a rollstock quote today.

Roll Stock Packaging & Film Options

We’re proud to offer over 40 films to meet specific rollstock application requirements. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly options or standard films for bulk options, CarePac is guaranteed to have the film you’re looking for.

We’re proud to offer our customized rollstock in a variety of sizes and orientation options. Currently, we offer 3" and 6" core, with sealant in or sealant out orientation. Whether you need thick gauge, medium gauge, or thin laminate, CarePac can help!

Our custom rollstock is compatible with most rollstock filling machines and equipment. Our printed and laminated rollstock can be used with Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) machinery that forms the package, fills it with your product, and seals the bag or pouch closed. Talk about easy!

Looking for a very specific rollstock structure, thickness, or design? Don’t worry! As a leader in the packaging industry, CarePac can offer custom lamination structures and thicknesses on your rollstock. Just let us know what you’re looking for and our team will design it.

Types of Roll Stock Film Products


We’re proud to offer unprinted rollstock for all types of industrial uses. This is the most basic type of rollstock, and is best for wholesale or industrial uses where customization or specific sizing isn’t required. Whether you’re replenishing your supply or starting fresh, our unprinted rollstock is guaranteed to fit the bill.

Digitally Printed

Our digitally printed rollstock means that more power is in your hands. You can choose from a wider range of materials and properties like UV-resistance. Additionally, smaller print runs and projects involving a lot of different designs are naturally a better fit for digital printing. 

Plate Printed

While digitally printed rollstock is a good idea for smaller companies with limited runs, nothing beats the color saturation and customization capabilities of plate printed rollstock. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop and only the best will do, plate printed rollstock is the better choice for you.

Printed Roll Stock: Printing Orientation Options

An important consideration when ordering printed roll stock is print orientation on the final roll. This is often referred to as a rewind configuration.

Sealant In Towards Roll Core

Top First

Right First

Bottom First

Left First

Sealant Out Away From Roll Core

Top First

Right First

Bottom First

Left First

Frequently Asked Questions About Roll Stock

Q: What Print orientations do you offer on your rollstock?

Carepac offers all the industry standard rollstock orientations, including the standard 3” and 6” sizing. We also offer custom sizing.

Q: What’s the Leadtime on printed rollstock?

Rollstock can be produced quicker than finished bags. We offer several lead times to meet different customer needs and budgets. Our fastest lead time is on digitally printed rollstock and is typically about 10 working days (can vary by season and materials used).

Q: What films are available for rollstock?

All our film laminations are available as printed or unprinted rollstock. Check out our rollstock material pages for more information on specific packaging films. The most common are PET/VMPET/PE, BOPP/PE, and MOPP/PE, along with metalized PET and Aluminum Foil/PE rollstock laminations.

Q: Can you meet my co-manufacturer's or Co-Packer’s rollstock requirements?

We’re happy to work to meet your copacker’s needs. From Roll O.D., core size, web width, and print orientation on roll, to more advanced needs like rollstock compliance specifications.

Q: Does CarePac supply Mil-Spec Roll Stock? 

Yes we offer the full range of Mil-Spec Roll options. 


Q: What does Web-Width mean when referring to printed rollstock?

Web-width typically refers to the rollstock's finished width, which should correspond to your consumer packaging’s total width (pre-conversion). When multiple impressions are run at the same time web-width and roll width may vary.

Q: What does “repeat” mean?

Repeat is the length of the design you want printed before the next impression is printed on your rollstock.

Q: Can CarePac produce rollstock for a Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) machine?

Yes, we can produce printed or unprinted rollstock for most Vertical and horizontal FFS rollstock packaging machine. We produce rollstock for most types of FFS roll stock machine, from simple single-film FFS to Vertical VFFS, and including 4-sided seal and double rollstock film applications.

Q: Our production line uses an in-line horizonal pouch forming machine that requires accurate eye-marker placement on our rollstock, can you produce that?

Yes, we can accurately place your eye markers on your rollstock. Reach out today for a rollstock order. 

Q: What material thicknesses are available for your rollstock?

We sell finished laminated rollstock with thicknesses between 2mil, and 8mil. Email us for more information about our sizing. 

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