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Custom Snack Packaging

Custom Packaging Will Make Your

Snack Products Fly Off the Shelf

Customers Buy Products With Their Eyes First

The global snack food market is over $700 Billion. People love to eat snacks on the go. And you need to make sure your packaging catches their attention and encourages them to buy your snack product over all the competitors.

You need a trustworthy flexible packaging company to bring your snack product to life. CarePac offers custom snack food packaging in many sizes and shapes. It’s one of our best-selling products!

We produce flexible packaging that is easy to use, store, and transport. We provide many types of packaging solutions, like straight bags and pillow shape bags. We even have rollstock packaging available for your convenience.

We Make All Types of Custom Food

Packaging For Your Snacks

See-thru Clear Printed Snack Pouches

For flexible packaging that displays your products through clear windows, our printed snack bags with see-thru clear bags are the perfect packaging choice.

Potato Chips

Quite possibly the most common type of salty treats & chips packaging, our pillow bags are made of high quality materials. Typically we offer VFFS roll stock for your co-packers equipment. But we can also prepare fin-seal ready pouches for those starting out. 

Custom Shaped Packaging

If you want to add some flair to your snack food packaging, we can customize the shape and size for you. Custom die cut snack packaging can turn heads, and is what we call "marketing in action". 

Nuts and Trail Mix

Nuts, trail mix and granola are often packaged in fold over bottom stand up pouches, using Clear barrier films like our CareClear line.

Freeze Dried Snacks

Freeze dried snacks have some of the highest barrier requirements of any snack food product. If you use a low barrier inferior quality material your freeze dried snacks won't last long on the shelf and will be a under-whelming experience for your customer.


Preserved meat and jerky products need great packaging and good barrier. That's were CarePac's quality films and exceptional printing will differentiate your brand from the competitors. 

Types of Snack Food
Packaging Materials

Low Cost snack packaging films

When you're working with thin margins, you are looking for where to cut costs and packaging will often come to mind. With our low cost packaging films, including mono-layer PE, 2mil - 3mil metalized PET we can turn out very competitive VFFS roll stock or fully converted pouches. 



PE and OPP



Recyclable + PCR Films

We offer several different types of recyclable plastic film materials that can be used to make stand up pouches, and flat bags, but designed with the environment in mind. Choose from recyclable, post-consumer recyclable or compostable packaging materials to safeguard your snack food packaging while helping to keep waste out of landfills. These are much better for the environment than plastic containers.  





Up to 80% PCR

High Barrier

When you're competing with the big boys you need every advantage. Our high barrier films will maintain shelf life stability longer than cheaper films. Maintaining freshness of items like freeze dried snacks, granola, chips and other items is a critical point you can compete on. 





Custom Printed Snack Packaging FAQ

What is the most economical pouch for my snack?
The most economical snack pouch will depend on what you're putting in there. But generally we recommend stand up pouches made of our CareSilver-PVP as a good economical yet quality pouch option.
What type of pouch is best for my snack?
You want to know a great place to start? Look at the competition! It's best to pick your battles when deciding on a pouch configuration, or material. Instead of reinventing the wheel look to the competition for insight. We're always here to help!

Does CarePac offer VFFS roll stock?
Yes we do, roll printed and prepared to your VFFS machine requirements.
How quickly can I get the bags?
We offer some of the fastest lead times in the business. Our Lead Time Menu includes Express, standard, and economy production schedules. Express digital is about 3 weeks.

All I have is a logo, can you help me?
Yes, we provide extensive art support. While we won't dream up a brand for you, we will help bring the pieces you have together into a cohesive packaging design.

What is the minimum order quantity?
Our MOQ’s are some of the lowest around – we can offer prototyping runs from a few hundred pouches, and full production runs with as little as 5,000 pieces.

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