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Recyclable Packaging


Seven Recyclable Packaging Options to Consider For Your Business

When it comes to keeping your brand current with your customers, one area you need to focus on is your eco friendly packaging options, including compostable packaging, reusable packaging, and sustainable packaging. As climate change continues to impact our everyday lives, many consumers avoid using products that don't come in sustainable packaging and prefer to reduce plastic waste throughout the supply chain and life cycle of their product.

In this blog, we'll discuss the different eco friendly packaging materials companies should consider providing to their consumers, along with a few tips for how you can promote a lower carbon footprint. Whether you opt for compostable packaging, reusable packaging, or some other kind of eco friendly packaging, we're proud your brand is taking the next step in packaging sustainability.

Popular Recyclable Packaging Materials

If you're curious about what your options are for sustainable packaging materials, we'll highlight some of the most common used by companies below. Just remember: when it comes to environmentally friendly packaging, any step your brand and your consumers can take towards reducing single use plastic packaging is a step in the right (and sustainable) direction.

Boxes with gummed paper tape

If your business is currently using boxes with plastic packaging tape, did you know that technically you cannot recycle paper and plastic together? You can improve your packaging sustainability by opting for gummed paper tape instead of plastic tape. Since all parts of the package are made from paper, they are really easy to recycle. If your business wants to focus on sustainable shipping, using this method and then using climate credits to offset the carbon footprint created by your business should be considered.


Kraft paper mailers

Using Kraft paper mailers is sustainable packaging 101. Since these packaging solutions are made out of regular paper, using them to send things to your customers can have a positive, collective impact on the environment. Businesses that use Kraft mailers for shipping products to customers include fast fashion, online shopping retailers, and large businesses that send a lot of contracts or paper products in the mail. In addition to Kraft paper, you can also look into using compostable mailers for shipping products.

Crinkle paper

If you currently use plastic or bubble wrap to pad your corrugated boxes, consider switching to biodegradable packing peanuts or crinkle paper. Both are considered to be an eco friendly packaging material, and they'll reduce the environmental footprint of your business. Natural resources, like beechwood trees and similar raw material, are dwindling, so any time you can use biodegradable or compostable packaging is an opportunity you should take advantage of.


Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Film (BOPE)

The need for more environmentally friendly packaging intersects perfectly with the high-quality recyclable options that biaxially oriented polyethylene film pouches offer. BOPE is a clear material with two layers of oriented and processed Polyethylene. Printable, and convertible into Stand up pouches, and box bottom bags, this film is an environmentally friendly packaging option that may be accepted in municipal and commercial recycling programs.

Recycled packaging

Think outside the box and use recycled packaging materials in lieu of plastics when shipping items to customers. For example, skip the plastic packing peanuts and use paper you shred yourself. Businesses around the world struggle with paper waste -- why not get your office papers professionally shredded, keep the bags of shredded paper, and use them to line boxes or produce bags? Customers will be sure to appreciate that they're working with a sustainable business.

Cornstarch and mushroom packaging

Cornstarch and mushroom packaging

Cornstarch and mushroom packaging are the newest eco friendly packaging option to hit the environmentally friendly packaging industry, and both are perfect examples of sustainable packaging solutions. Both are considered to be biodegradable packaging, since they can be broken down in a commercial or home compost environment, similar to regular paper. If your goal is to keep plastics out of the landfill, this flexible packaging option is among the best.

Cellulose packaging

Popular among a large portion of food brands, cellulose packaging is made from natural and sustainable sources like hemp, wood, and cotton. This packaging material is biodegradable, making it the perfect sustainable packaging alternative to plastic.


CarePac: Your Eco Friendly Packaging Partner

If your search for sustainable packaging has brought you to CarePac, we're honored that you'd consider us to be your eco friendly packaging partner. Our business model focuses exclusively on packaging, and we're making a huge push for more of our boxes and bags to use biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable materials. If sustainability of the packaging industry is on your mind, you can rest assured that it's on our mind, too.

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