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Matte Packaging

Matte Stand Up Barrier Pouches

Matte finishes have become very popular packaging options in the last few years. Matte finishes are both elegant and smooth, offering a striking alternative to the typical gloss finish consumers are accustomed to. Stand up pouches matte are great for gift giving. 

Effect Options for Matte Stand-Up Pouches

Beyond an entirely matte pouches, matte finishes can be used to create combination effects when designing your pouches. Matte finishes work well when combined with black or white matte barrier stand up pouches and is a high-quality packaging option. Here are three ways matte can be used.  


Matte Frosted Effect

A matte frosted look makes a clear bag semi-opaque, allowing the product inside to be partially viewed. It's somewhat clear and ensures your customer can see the product within. 


Spot Matte

Spot Matte is the inverse of Spot UV, matte is applied to only parts of a design, it helps logos and graphics pop out from the design and stand out visually.


Matte with Metalized Effects

Matte can also be combined with metalized effects to create custom matte stand-up bags. These stand up pouches will be beautiful and sturdy. 

Types of Matte Finishes For Barrier Pouch

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 There are three primary types of matte finishes that we offer for our packaging. Explore our finishes for our matte stand-up pouches below. 

Matte Lamination

With a matte lamination the entire outer surface of the bag has a matte finish. Matte laminations are slightly less expensive than matte varnishes or spot matte.

Pros: Lowest cost matte finish, great for matte frosted stand-up pouches with frosted window effects.

Cons: Due to the soft nature of matte lamination it can scuff more easily than matte varnish, and can sometimes appear more “bumpy”. Matte lamination doesn’t add much barrier to your bags so for some uses you may need to add a higher barrier material to the lamination which can add cost.

Matte Varnish Coating

Matte varnish has several advantages. Matte varnish can be applied as a “spot” varnish allowing part of the bag to remain glossy while other areas of the bag have a matte finish. Matte Varnish’s smooth material finish makes it great for complex bags like box bottom bags for coffee beans.

Pros: Can be used as  a spot or partial matte finish, matte varnish is less susceptible to scuffing, or getting “bumpy”.

Cons: Matte Varnish requires one or more plates, and is slightly more expensive then matte Lamination.

Soft Touch Matte Coating

Soft Touch matte coating is a varnish style of coating that can be applied on the entire bag or just as a spot coating. Soft Touch coating provides a “haptic” subtle hand feel that, as the name suggests, makes the bags feel soft.

Pros: Strong matte finish with soft feel to the touch.

Cons: Most expensive options and requires 2 plates when plate printing.

What is Matte Packaging?

It's a flexible barrier pouch with matte finishing.

There are three main ways a matte finish can be applied. Matte laminations covers the entire surface of the pouch and can be used for either digital or plate printing. Spot Matte, where only a portion of the pouch is matte, this is only available with plate printed pouches, and soft touch matte, which combines a matte finish with a haptic effect coating. 

All Matte Lamination

Spot Matte (plate only)

Soft Touch (plate only)

Why CarePac?

We Save You Money

We have many different flexible packaging solutions for budgets of all sizes. Now you can compete with the largest brands in the industry at a price that works for your business. Browse our pouches matte stand-up styles today. 

Fast Lead Times

We offer some of the fastest lead times in the packaging industry. Expedited lead times for digital and plate printing come in at 4 weeks and 5 weeks respectively.

Lock in Freshness and Flavor

Packaging your product in high quality flexible packaging keeps your products fresher for longer and make storage simple for the end user. Better than fabric and other options on the market. 

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Our MOQs can't be beat. Print and customize as few as 5,000 bags.

FDA Approved

All of our packaging is FDA approved, and free of TSE, BPA and Sulfer & Phthalates. See why we're a favorite in the industry?

Art & Design Services

Soft touch packaging was made for branding. Do you need a logo, design or custom labels? No problem. We provide brand design services to help you create the branded packaging your product deserves. We'll get your product to stand out from the crowd!

Matte Finishes FAQs 

What matte options are available for digitally printed pouches? 

With digitally printed pouches matte lamination is the available matte option.

What matte finish options are available for plate printed pouches? 

All matte finishes are available, lamination, varnish, and soft touch style.

Can I combine a matte finish with a holographic effect?  

Yes, matte can be combined with holographic effects, but can reduce the amount of holographic style reflection you will get from the material.

Are there degrees of matte frosting for windows?

No, matte laminations and varnishes do not have levels of matte effect.

Can Matte bags be heat sealed?

Yes, all our bags are heat sealable.

What is the best finish for a matte black bag? 

Matte varnish is likely the best. Due to the absorption of light by dark colors, the matte varnish helps to smooth out the surface light refraction.

If I am plate printing how many plates are required for matte?

With Matte Laminations, no plates are required, for matte varnish 1 plate, and for soft touch matte 2 plates are required.

Are Matte Coatings FDA approved?

The coatings we use are FDA approved for indirect food contact.

Can Matte coatings be applied to Kraft Mylar stand up pouches?

Kraft paper has a default finish which is somewhat matte, when printing high color count designs on kraft paper and Matte Lamination MOPP is used as the printing layer then laminated onto the kraft, this is called coated or laminated kraft.

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