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The Diecut Shaped Pouch

Custom pouch shaped bags offer the ultimate flexibility with your packaging design. 

Why choose the Diecut Shaped Pouch?

•   Diecut almost any silhouette

•   Compatible with pour spouts

•   Stand up pouch or lay flat configurations

•   Fully printable packaging.

Common Applications For Shaped Pouches:

•   Drink pouches

•   Baby food

•   Marathon energy gels

•   Syrups

Ordering Shaped Pouches

•   Minimum order is 5,000 pouches

•   Digital and Plate printing available.

•   Optionally setup as Spout Pouches.

Create Your Shaped Pouches

This personalized shaped configuration of this flexible packaging allows you to design each side exactly how you need it.

The popular Stand up Pouch is available everywhere. So how can your Co grab your customer's attention if you one more pouch among dozen others?

That's where the custom printed die cut shaped pouch comes in.

According to you products specifications, you can choose different packaging designs that can improve your customer's experience and the look and feel of your products:

  • The convex shape of this packaging bag is ergonomic and easier to grip.
  • Rounded corners are more elegant and comfortable, and allow you to avoid pointy edges on your packaging.
  • Hourglass shaped pouches are great for liquids and can add a futuristic look to your sports energy drink products.
  • Our pouch shaped packaging bags are free from BPA and TSE, and are flexible in design. Call us today! 

Why Choose Custom Printed Die Cut Packaging?

Demand for your products is growing, and so is your business. But you:

Can’t find the right packaging size.

Yep, standard available bags often don’t fit all products. Fortunately, our packaging come in a variety of shapes.

Wonder why your competitor's flexible packaging looks so professional?

Don’t make your products fit the packaging, make your packaging fit your products.

Are you exhausted from hand labeling?

No more! Please help me! – Yep we can pre-print. One pouch doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve tailored solutions to help you get the pouch that’s right for your business and products. 

Custom shaped pouches

You choose, we deliver. We will produce custom size bags with any features, size or materials you choose. If it's available, we'll make it! 

Custom size 3-side seal flat pouches

You choose a diecut 3-side seal flat pouch, we deliver. We will produce custom size bags with any features, size or materials you choose.

Stock 3-side seal pouches and bags

No branding? No problem. We will ship you stock sized bags right away, no customization required.

Overwhelmed with all the options?


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