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Pull Tab Zipper Pouches

Custom Pull Tab Zipper Pouches & Bags

Pull tab zippers are a versatile and easy re-closure alternative to standard press-to-close zippers and tin-ties you'll find on many other types of packaging. Whether you're packaging cosmetic samples, dog treats, fun cookies, post its, or any other B2B or B2C product, these pouches have convenient zipper tab ends, so your customer won't have to worry about opening the bag from the wrong sides.

This type of closure also makes sharing the contents easy, too. No complicated tutorial, tear, or cut is needed to open pull tabs!

Below, we'll discuss the advantages turning to a zipper pull tab bag has over other types of packaging, such as a standard box or bag with fabric stitching. Learn more about using a zipper pull below.

Advantages of zipper pull tab pouches

There are several advantages a zipper pull tab bag has over fabric or plastic zipper pouch, including:

Easier and faster to load

With a zipper tab bag, the zipper is located in a single face of the bag, making the loading process much quicker. With a zipper pull tab bag, your employees do not need to open the "press to close" zipper to fill the bag. This improves employee performance and frees up more of their time to conquer other projects and loose ends.
Skip the complicated tutorial so they can move on to another easy or fun project.

Better resealing

These pouches maintain a higher barrier than tin ties. Unlike a tin tie, which requires your customer to fold down the package to reseal it, these pouches ensure a complete, easy, and secure close each and every time.
With tin ties, there's a lot of room for air to get in. With a zipper tab or pull tabs, there is a press to close zipper inside the pull tab zipper, creating a better seal that maintains product freshness. Your customer can avoid having to cut the bag and can use the tabs instead.

More stylish

Since the zipper is "hidden" from the user, zipper pull bags are more stylish and attractive than many other types of bags. If you're hoping to enhance your marketing and take your product to the next level, packaging it in a bag that uses zipper tape to open the bag may be the best choice for you.

You can order them in any quantity as well, giving you the freedom and flexibility you deserve.

Very Versatile

This type of bag can be used with many types of products and bags, including coffee bags, milkshake bags, and anything else under the sun. Regardless of your preferences or product, we can design a zipper pull bag for you.

Our designers are ready to start your project -- read our reviews, check out a tutorial or two, and get ready to create a pouch your customers will be itching to add to their cart and open (without having to cut!)

Zipper Tab FAQs

As a leader in the packaging industry, we know a thing or two about how to create the perfect zipper pull for you! Here are a few common questions we get about how to make or purchase a zipper pull bag -- no tutorial required.

Can a zipper pull be used with any configuration of bag?
Yes! Most configurations are compatible, with the exception of fin-seal and side-gusseted bags, fabric or otherwise.
What is the MOQ on pull-tab zipper bags?
The minimum order quantity for pull tab zipper bags is 1,000 bags.
Can I add special features to my bag?
If you have certain ideas in mind, like a special pattern or fabric, holographic trim, a certain size or thread, or a piece of the bag that has your logo, we can take your project from the drawing board to reality.
We can add virtually any finish or feature to the pouch and are ready to get started on your favorite pouch project today.

Get started with CarePac

Interested in learning more about zipper pull pouches and how you can incorporate any pattern, trim, fabric, or design onto it? At CarePac, we tie up any loose ends and ensure that your turn around time is quick and efficient. We make zipper pull projects fun and easy and will be with you from end to end.

Contact us today to learn how to make the perfect bag without having to sew a stitch! Our design team is on stand by and is ready to take your call.

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