Granola Bar Wrapper Template (Printable)

The perfect packaging for your granola bars depends on great artwork, and great artwork can only be accomplished with high-quality, printable granola bar wrapper templates.

These templates are technically referred to as “dielines”, and allow designers to mockup your design, review its most intricate details, and download your bar mockup PSDs or PDFs directly from your inbox. It really is that simple!

Granola Bar Super fit packaging Granola Bar Wrapper Template (Printable) 

We’ve worked with thousands of designers throughout the years, and we’re confident that we can help you, too. Our easy-to-use templates make it easier than ever before to download PDF versions of your granola bar packaging and put in an order directly from our website. 

Why dielines matter

Dielines are vital in the design process. Think of them like a blueprint for a house -- would you build a house without one? Dielines are the blueprint of your design, and ensure that all the physical elements of the final packaging are up to par. This includes the packaging sizing and scale, and the location of all the visual elements, the placement of any folds or creases.

Granola Bars bag Dieliens Granola Bar Wrapper Template (Printable) 

Contrary to popular belief, dielines aren’t used exclusively for boxes or other rigid packaging. They’re used for a wide spectrum of packaging, including beverage bottles, food packaging, and even brochures or business cards. Essentially anything that’s customized can make use of a dieline.

Tips for creating dielines

At the end of the day, a dieline is a collaborative effort between you and your design team. Whether you engage with CarePac and make use of our design team, or work with a team internally, there are a few tips to keep in mind as you dive headfirst into dielines for your granola packaging:

  • Dielines must be created as vector art.
  • Keep your entire creative team involved and updated, especially early on in the process. 
  • Knowing exact specifications is crucial, and can help save you money and time down the line.
  • You may want to consider making a hard copy of the dieline before sending the design to print. This can help you catch minor errors before production.

As you can see, dielines are all but an essential part of the granola packaging design process. Have questions? We’re more than happy to help!

Download Your Free Printable Granola Bar Dieline

Granola Bar Super fit Granola Bar Wrapper Template (Printable) 

At CarePac, we love to share our knowledge and passion for design with our customers. Use the button below to download your free printable wrapper granola bar dieline. 

Remember, this is a sample so if you’d like us to help you design a fully customized wrapper for your granola bars, we’re more than happy to help.

Granola bar packaging & dielines: FAQs

Whether you’re new to designing granola bar packaging or simply need a refresher, here are some of the most common questions we get about granola bar wrappers and dielines.

What packaging is used for granola bars?

Usually granola bars are packaged in individual-sized wrappers, which provide a barrier that protects the honey granola or nutty granola bar from the elements. This way, your product stays fresh and your customer stays happy.

Should I use parchment paper for granola?

While parchment paper might be suitable for home use, we recommend against using parchment paper for commercial sales. Simply put, the barrier of the parchment paper is too low compared to other alternatives and the granola will dry out too quickly.

How do you seal granola bars?

Granola bar wrappers are heat sealable because the innermost layer of the material is a heat sealable LLDPE.

What are granola bar wrappers made of?

Laminated Metalized PET is the most common material used for granola bar wrappers. This material is typically between 2-3 mil, and for high-volume production the pre-printed material is supplied in roll stock form and fed into a form fill seal (FFS) machine.

How do you package homemade granola?

If you’re making homemade granola, you don’t have to worry about using commercial-grade packaging the way some of our customers do. As such, you can use glass jars, or for longer term storage, metalized mylar bags.

What are Kind bar wrappers made of?

Kind bar wrappers appear to be made of a thin file metalized Polyethylene terephthalate. If this is the look and style you’re going for, we can certainly help you achieve it.

Create Your Granola Bar Packaging Dielines Today

As you can see, CarePac truly takes the guesswork out of your custom granola bar packaging artwork -- and one part of that is through our easy-to-download PDF dielines.

Before you decide on a final pattern, be sure to double check the size of your granola bar wrappers, the coloring, and granola logo placement before submitting. Once you submit, we’ll send the granola bar packaging template to your email for easy download and use.

Have questions? Need help? Reach out to the CarePac experts today. Or check out our FAQs.

Granola Bar Crunch Granola Bar Wrapper Template (Printable) 


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