Kelowna Kangen Water for a healthy Lifestyle

Magic water

Kelowna Kangen water: a healthy solution or a hoax?

Many health experts have expressed their satisfaction with Kangen water. Whether it is bottled or you ionize it at the comfort of your home, this Kelowna Kangen water remains a highly beneficial way to quench your thirst.

It is claimed that alkaline water reduces aging sings, will prevent cancer and other chronic diseases, balances body PH, a remedy to infertility and boosts body energy.

But does Kangen water live up to this hype?

For the regular water you are expected to take up to 8 glasses each day. Considering that the body is made up of more than 50% of water, this is a great way to stay hydrated. Come to think of it and you will realize that any safe water is like a miracle to your body.

Those who live in countries with steady supply of clean and safe water to drink you may not know this. But there are at least 750 million people around the world who have no access to safe water. That is to say, one out of nine people in the world are drinking dirty and infected water.

If your regular glass of water, that may not be so safe after all, can be such a miracle what would alkaline water do? It would be hundreds of times better for your health.

Facts around alkaline water

From your high school, you would remember something about PH scale. A scale that measures the acidity or alkalinity of substances. You would also remember that 1 is for very acidic substance while 13 is for a very alkaline substance.

Apparently, the water you are drinking lies in the middle of the scale at 7-it is neutral. Alkaline water, Kangen water if you like, has a better PH than common tap water. Its PH lies between 7 and 9.5.

In its working, Kangen water makes your body less acidic. Ionized water proponents support this situation, as it is beneficial to the body. Our bodies have to keep a very thin line of PH range and a fluctuation of a mere 0.5 would be a health disaster.

Generally, the bigger parts of our bodies should stay within a PH value of 7.4. If you recall, the regular water falls short of this range. It is therefore advisable to take alkaline water so as to boost your PH level.

What do studies say about alkaline water?

There is a relatively extensive body of studies confirming the benefits of alkaline water. But you should know there is not yet adequate solid data to confirm all the claims thrown around kangen water.

In a 2001 study published in “Shanghai Journal of Protective Medicine”, taking alkaline water for 3 to 6 months significantly lowered risks for blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

In yet another study, published in the “Journal of the international society sports medicine” showed that those who took alkaline water had a better acid-alkaline balance and their bodies were better hydrated.

Now you have it. Kangen water is your one great way to remain healthy and you do not have to work hard for it.

Striving to be the Best Choice for Dentistry in Apopka

Apopka dentist

Apopka Dentistry

If you ask anyone what they notice when they meet someone, they’ll tell you the first thing that makes a bold impression is a person’s smile. A good, healthy, functional smile opens doors, exudes confidence, and helps immensely to show that you are approachable and friendly. Your Apopka dentist, Dr. Cohil and the entire team at Cohil Family Dentistry, want to help you to achieve your goals of a friendly, memorable and healthy smile. Call Cohil Family Dentistry today for an appointment: (407) 889-9682 Excellent Dentistry Creates a Smile You Can Be Proud Of One of the best services you can have included in your personal care portfolio is a great dentist. Your Apopka cosmetic dentist, Dr. Cohil, has proudly served people in Apopka for over 18 years, creating healthy and natural looking smiles and providing the most advanced dental care. Things that set Cohil Family Dentistry apart include:
  • Attentive Dentistry – Dr. Cohil and staff truly listen to you, thoroughly explain your situation, and offer the right solutions that will help to give you a brilliant smile. Your questions are answered and all of your concerns addressed before work begins
  • A Myriad of Services – Whether you need cosmetic services like whitening, Invisalign straightening therapy, crowns, porcelain fillings and veneers, or structural services like root canals, gum contouring, implants or dental surgery, Cohil Family Dentistry is your trusted resource for excellent dental care in Apopka, Florida
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The goal of Cohil Family Dentistry for providing exceptional dentistry in Apopka is to give patients a true option for first-rate, technologically advanced dental care, delivered in a way that gives people complete confidence in the care they’re receiving. From the moment you are welcomed by the staff as you walk in the door to the professional, gentle care you receive at every visit, you’ll know you’ve made a smart decision and the best decision for all of your dental needs. A Focus on Excellence Excellent dental care is important for people of all ages. Cohil Family Dentistry is the Apopka dentist focused on providing the highest quality, most trusted dental care and services to keep all members of your family smiling happily and feeling confident. Dr. Kirk Cohil was voted best dentist from 2016 through 2019 by the Orlando Sentinel Best Bets. He was also voted best dentist by his peers from 2010 through 2017. Having an Apopka cosmetic dentist and a leading specialist in all aspects of dentistry that you can always trust to give you a beautiful smile and to keep your teeth healthy and strong is important for overall good health. Cohil Family Dentistry strives for excellence so we can continue to be a top choice for dentistry in Apopka. We are committed to your total satisfaction and to keeping you and your family smiling. Call Cohil Family Dentistry today for an appointment: (407) 889-9682

Kelowna Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine For Healing

Inserting Acupuncture Needles

About Chinese Medication and Kelowna Acupuncture

Typical Chinese Medication (TCM) is a popular treatment for pain and discomfort. It is among the oldest systems of medicine. TCM is a standard version of Chinese medicine that has been practiced in China for centuries. It is a recovery system that makes use of disinfected instruments for the purpose of regaining the body’s equilibrium. TCM is among the most popular clinical treatments worldwide.

TCM uses six modern-day restorative methods. They include acupuncture, cupping/scraping, moxibustion, Chinese herbs, tui na massage, and TCM nourishment. Kelowna Acupuncture is one of the most used procedures of TCM. It normally is ruled out as a stand-alone treatment but as a part of TCM and it can assist in psychological in addition to emotional issues such as tension and also anxiousness problem.

How does it works

The practice TCM procedures include the insertion into the skin, tissue, and muscles at selective points. The insertion is a vital aspect and is meant to launch the blood circulation of internal power or chi.

According to Chinese medical idea, any obstruction in the flow of chi in the body’s meridians can cause an imbalance in the body leading to illness. According to TCM, there are more than 2,000 TCM points available on the human body, which are connected by approximately 12 major meridians.

The all-natural circulation of chi assures a person’s basic state of wellness. TCM brings back uniformity in the flow of the chi throughout the body in addition to balancing metaphysical concepts of yin and yang.

Scientific Evidence

Some expert use neuroscience to explain acupuncture. Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary science that encompasses disciplines, such as medicine, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, linguistics, computer science, philosophy and psychology. TCM points are where connective tissues, nerves and muscles and can be incited. The incitement or stimulation triggers the body’s natural body pain killers and increases your blood flow.

Typical Chinese Medicine experts believe that TCM procedure stabilizes the flow to prevent discomfort from blockage or discrepancy of Qi. TCM specialists capitalize on body charts that reveal the meridians or networks where inner power moves to different parts of the body. These meridians represent the Western medication layout of the central nervous system as well as the circulatory system. Specialists use body graphs that disclose the meridians or networks where internal energy streams to different elements of the body.

TCM Uses

TCM addresses a wide range of health ailments such as migraine headaches, disease avoidance, depression, chemical reliance, anxiousness, health maintenance and rehabilitation. TCM experts utilize five basic approaches to medical diagnosis in their analyses:

1. Olfaction (scenting)
2. Examination (looking)
3. Questions (asking)
4. Palpation (touching)
5. Auscultation (listening)

TCM includes several techniques designed to help clients preserve and accomplish wellness.


The benefits of TCM can be discovered in its efficiency as a non-invasive, drug-free method of decreasing the variety of physical problems. TCM benefits include:

1. Provide pain relief to your back, neck and joint inflammation
2. Few side effects
3. Safe if used properly
4. Can be combined with other therapies


Some risks involved in TCM procedure include:

1. If the patient has a blood disorder or is taking blood thinners
2. Soreness, bleeding, bruising can occur at the insertion site.
3. Contaminated or broken devices


TCM is now making progress in the Western world. While every person may experience the procedure in different ways, studies find most individuals experience a marginal amount of discomfort where the needles are placed. TCM procedure typically is risk-free when using clean needles, when exercised by a qualified, skilled acupuncturist. It can provide pain relief to numerous parts of the body.

How to Get Pregnant After An Abortion


Getting Pregnant After An Abortion – What You Need To Know

Are you wondering whether or not you can get pregnant after having an abortion? Well, you might assume that your chances of getting pregnant again will be positive considering you had already conceived before termination. On the other hand, you might be thinking that the abortion affected your future chances of conceiving a healthy baby. It’s easy to get pregnant after securing an abortion but you need to take a few measures to guarantee uneventful pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Become Pregnant After An Abortion?

Before getting an abortion, you need to discuss the chances of getting pregnant again with your physician. If the procedure is performed without any complications, you’re recommended to wait about 3 months before trying to get pregnant. The physician might also recommend waiting longer than 3 months if the termination was performed with a mid or late term pregnancy.

You need to give your body some time to rest after the procedure, allowing it to fix all the deficiencies and regenerate accordingly. You need to analyze the reason for conceiving again so soon after an abortion. For instance, were you forced to have an abortion because of medical issues? Well, there’s a high likelihood of that happening again if you conceive immediately. On the other hand, some women suffer from psychological guilt because of getting an abortion and want to get pregnant immediately.

There are women who seek abortions because they are fearing for their lives and that of their child, particularly because of their current living situation. In such a case, getting pregnant again might put the child and mother in danger, especially if the living situations don’t change.

When Is The Right Time To Get Pregnant After An Abortion?

You can get pregnant immediately after an abortion clinic appointment. Since the ovulation process is controlled by hormones, you can get pregnant immediately the ovulation cycle is complete, as long as you’re not using birth control methods. That’s why you should use birth control methods to prevent pregnancy, if you don’t want it to happen immediately.

You can get pregnant within 7 to 10 days after terminating your pregnancy. It can happen when you’re still bleeding from the procedure. You’re advised to use a reliable birth control technique at least a week after getting pregnant to guarantee a healthy pregnancy next time round. If the abortion was performed early enough, especially in the first trimester, you can get pregnant again as soon as possible.

How To Boost Recovery From An Abortion

Medical practitioners advise women to wait for a month before trying to pregnant again to make sure the uterus is completely healed. Here are some useful ways to speed recovery after getting an abortion. First, you should take a lot of fluids to replenish the body after the undergoing the traumatic procedure.

Secondly, you should stay away from heavy load work for a few days. Don’t exercise for at least 2 weeks and you should stay away from swimming pools or bath tubs for around 2 weeks. Finally, take all the medication the doctors prescribes to you for the best results.

If you want to get pregnant immediately after an abortion, you may also want to spend some time working through your feelings and your reasons for the abortion, so that you have the best mental and physical health through your next pregnancy.

Broccoli For Lupus health


Alright, ladies and gents. I hope today finds you feeling well and, if not, at least hopeful. I’m sorry. I’ve totally backslid on the replacement articles, partially because it takes about 10 hours to do the research and write one of these things. Well, that’s pretty much the whole reason. I’ve had almost zero time these days.


So, in the spirit of “some is better than none,” here’s a quicky change you can make today that will benefit your health greatly and help keep the weight down. (Don’t we all want to lose weight?)


The key: broccoli.  Broccoli instead of potato chips.  Broccoli instead of pasta.   Broccoli instead of anything processed, basically.  Yeah right, right?  It’s a recent discovery that I’m completely in love with that you will probably fall head-over-heels for, too.  I’m not saying replace everything boxed in your cabinet with broccoli, but it’s a great start and change-up.



If I had more time, you’d have ten paragraphs here about the chemicals that go into creating, processing, and preserving boxed and bagged foods.  But we’re going to skip that and go right into recipes.  Measurements aren’t exact.  Dad calls it “dump-and-pour” cooking.  Most cookbook and recipe writers would tactfully instruct you to spice “to taste.”  So yeah, all that.  Don’t have a lot of energy to cook?  Great news. These recipes literally take less than 5 minutes to make. That’s quicker than you make stove-top mac and cheese or even ramen, and they are so much better for your body.  (Remember the article on Sauerkraut? Broccoli falls in the same family and offers many similar health benefits.)


So, here goes.


Broccoli Parmesan

Great side, snack, or substitute for those sodium and fat-laden potato chips.


Chop broccoli heads into bite size pieces.  I usually just give the stalk a good whack or two with the knife and collect all the goodies on top. Save the stalk for another recipe coming up.


Pour a table spoon or two of olive oil in the pan. Toss the broccoli in. SprinkleHerbs de Provence on top. Toss. Heat until broccoli is hot and starting to cook. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese “to taste.” Make sure it’s REAL Parmesan. Not the fake crud. And check the sodium content on different cheeses before you buy. The lower, the better. Toss for another minute or so. Donezo. Enjoy.


Broccoli Pasta

If you’re like me, you’re a total pasta fiend. Admittedly, it is such an amazing comfort food and I could eat it all day every day if someone kept putting it in front of me. But all those processed carbs? Yeah, not so good for blood sugar or your waist line or your lupus.  This recipe has incredible texture, taste, and flavor and I actually prefer it now to regular pasta. Mom woulda nevera guessed she’d ever hear those words come from me, but it just happened.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


So those stalks you saved. Cut them up into penne-sized pieces. Again, a table spoon or so (depending on how much you’re making) of olive oil goes in the pan along with the stalks. Sprinkle with Herbs de Provence, Basil, or Italian Seasoning. Saute for 3-5 minutes (to your desired crunchiness. I think leaving a good crunch keeps me feeling fuller longer, gives it better texture and more flavor. But again, that’s a personal preference). Toss in desired amount of pasta sauce. (Again, check sodium content on pasta sauce. Organic, low-sodium is always the best to buy. Homemade is always the best, period.) Toss until pasta sauce is warm (probably less than a minute). Serve and enjoy.


Lemon Broccoli

You can use this as a side or snack. I make a bunch of it before going into the field and store in the cooler to eat throughout the day. Mom throws it all in tinfoil and grills it – which is what first really turned me onto broccoli.  It is seriously amazing.

Crop broccoli heads off stalks. A tablespoon of olive oil in the pan. Throw the broccoli in and sprinkle with Herbs de Provence and lemon juice and a teeny tiny bit of garlic salt. Continue tossing and cook to your desired texture. Serve. 


Bon appetit!

Planning a Premium Funeral For the One You Love



Funeral plans rank among the topics that most people consider as taboo to discuss. However, it is an important topic to discuss considering the mortality of human beings. If you have a family and desire to give them a decent send off when their time comes, you ought to hold this conversation with them. You should have adequate plans in place for your children by ensuring that you have adequately prepared in the event of your death or that of your spouse. You should put a good plan in place to cater for the costs of funeral services in Brisbane. Here is how to plan a premium funeral for your loved one:

Purchasing a Funeral Plan

Have you ever sat and thought who would be responsible for shouldering the expenses in the event that you or your loved ones die including the funeral. You may assume that your extended family will shoulder these costs but again assumption is not enough, you should purchase a good funeral plan. This plan will entitle you or your loved one gets a premium funeral when they die without causing a dent to your family finances.

It does not matter whether your family has a life insurance cover, it is important to consider getting funeral insurance. This funeral insurance will make things easier for your family in case of death, which comes unexpectedly. There are various benefits associated with purchasing funeral insurance. All the costs involved will be catered for by the insurance company and depending with its terms, the remaining family members will be entitled to a cash payout after some years. Buying a comprehensive funeral insurance package will ensure that your family will not be burdened with the costs during a time of hardship and emotional tragedy.

Hiring the Services of a Professional Funeral Director

Another way of ensuring that your loved one will get a befitting premium funeral would be by hiring an expert in funeral arrangements. You should look for a reputable funeral director from the best company that offers funeral services in Brisbane. Funeral directors are usually trained professionals who can handle any funeral arrangements on your behalf and ensure that every detail goes according to plan. You will only need to tell them what you need in the funeral of your loved one and they will come up with a comprehensive plan and also assist you in calculating the costs involved.

Finding a Good Funeral Insurance Coverage

Before signing a contract for your funeral insurance coverage, you should ensure that you have shopped around and interacted with a number of companies offering these services. You should find out whether the premium rates will change or not, whether the premiums will increase with age and how you will be paying for them. This could be monthly, weekly or fortnightly. You should also ensure that the funeral insurance coverage covers all your needs.

Final Words

Although it is difficult to discuss or plan for a premium funeral for our loved ones, we are not doing any wrong as we are aiming to protect the people we love and care about most. We must consider the importance of planning to give them a premium funeral services when they expire from this world. We all shall pass through this route and when this happens we will have protected the family from the huge burden that accompanies a funeral.

How Massage And Meditation Can Reduce Heart Problems


Regardless of a person’s age, the techniques involved in massage therapy results in enhanced feelings linked to well-being reduced stress and relaxation. The right massage techniques can circulate the blood more efficiently, that results in dropping the blood pressure and slowing down the heart rate.

Regular massages can decrease risks associated with a type of stress like cardiac arrhythmias. This is when the heart is pumping less effectively, which means less blood is able to reach the vital organs and the brain. Various studies have gone on to prove that consistent massage programs have the ability to decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure. When the blood pressure is maintained at a healthy level it contributes towards reducing the risks of suffering from a heart attack.

Massage therapy releases muscles that are contracted and pushes the venous blood into the heart, which eases any strains or pressure that the heart may be experiencing. Many experts suggest that massage is a drug-free alternative, non-invasive, and a humanistic approach that allows the body to heal in a natural way.

How Meditation Reduces Heart Problems

Many years ago, when the connection between the body and the mind were first under investigation, the first findings linked to meditation focused on hypertension, strokes and heart attacks. A heart that is healthy has to be free from disease. Yet, “heart health” when it comes to a holistic viewpoint also includes the emotional and subtle characteristics of the heart. This includes compassion, tenderness, acceptance, and love. The entire system which includes how a person feels thinks and breathes all meet up at this sensitive spot known as the heart.

Medical Research Studies about Meditation

Studies have consistently proven that sudden life changes or emotional shock such as the death of a loved one or losing a job has made individuals extensively more susceptible to disease. This is inclusive of heart attacks and heart disease.

A ground-breaking study conducted by Dr. Dean Ornish from the Harvard Medical School went on to establish that following a holistic lifestyle that includes meditation, had the ability to reverse fatty plaques which block the coronary arteries, which happen to be the main cause for most heart diseases. These comprehensive programs involve stress management, acupuncture, massage, diet, water, exercise, and meditation.


Achieving Balance Through Meditation

“Balance” is a word that may seem intangible to many, but this happens to be the chemical markers in association with all the benefits that meditation can bring about. Negative effects linked to stress placed on a heart, along with recovery processes from this stress, are all driven by neurotransmitter and hormone production throughout the person’s body. With meditation, it is possible to regulate and rebalance these biochemicals.

One of the main stress hormones is known as cortisol. Meditation has been discovered to reduce the levels of cortisol consistently. A deeper relaxation achieved through meditation is what triggers a person’s brain into releasing dopamine and oxytocin which are the beneficial neurotransmitters.

Oxytocin is what triggers the reaction which supports the abilities of a person to de-stress as well as how to behave more calmly when experiencing stressful situations. In addition, oxytocin immediately relieves stress symptoms such as high blood pressure as well as offering calming effects that are more long-term.

Meditation along with massage therapy has the ability to restore a person to a standing rest-rate that is deeper. Once a person is able to reach a balanced state, the immune system becomes stronger and in association with the heart, resistance t

owards stress will increase. These two factors significantly reduce the major risks associated with strokes and heart disease. Be sure to schedule regular massages with the best Columbus massage therapist to supplement your meditation regiment.

Healthiest Sweetners To Replace Sugar

When it comes to replacing sugar, there is a continuous debate on the right approach. Some people say that sugar is not essential while others even claim that sugar is necessary. So which approach should you actually take? Consuming sugar in excess will lead to different diseases or risks which have been proven in many modern studies.

At the same time, it will be important to see which type of alternatives can improve the sweetness of your foods or drinks as there are some valuable options to choose from. Even more, many people will not realize that many of the alternatives will also come with added health benefits and this is why you should also consider your own choice for your own lifestyle.


One of the historic sweeteners is honey. Used for thousands of years, the natural sweetener is still studied to this day as it offers some benefits which are hard to match when it comes to health benefits. With major improvement to the immune system, honey will prove to be a valid option when it comes to the natural sugar alternatives.

This is why you can even use it for foods and drinks such as lemonades or even coffee. Since honey also comes with major health benefits, you should not worry as much on its dosage as with sugar. However, you will need to find the right focus when it comes to the best honey sources as there are different types you can choose from. Ideally, you should see honey as a long-term replacement for sugar and not just as one of the solutions for the moment.


One of the amazing alternatives to sugar comes with stevia. The plant’s leaves are up to 40 times sweeter than regular sugar while the powdered stevia will prove to be up to 200 times sweeter. This is why it represents a great alternative with zero calories. Thus, it has major benefits in conditions such as diabetes and it also comes as one of the recommended solutions when it comes to fighting obesity. Choosing these simple sugar alternatives will prove to be one of the best choices you can make for your overall health. At the same time, you will be able to find the right approach when working with different foods and even drinks since both honey and stevia can successfully replace regular sugar

Source: DrenchFit Health Guide

SEO for Health Care Industry

For your site to fair well in the search engine results and for the best quantity of people possible to locate your website you must make sure that you have promoted your website correctly together with enough. With no idea about search engine optimizatioz… When it has to do with making sure ones website is at the cover of the list once it comes to search engine results, the ideal approach to do so is to work towards creating search engine optimization, which may lead up to outsourcing SEO services. Owning or running your own site is a huge responsibility, so is promoting your site. Medical sites and SEO Service is a significant topic with respect to ensuring that patients find the most suitable practitioner for the sort of treatment they want. It’s here you will come across each one of the latest information, assistance and advice to do with all facets of E-Marketing through the articles that are submitted by our authors.

If you’ve already written an article then make certain you optimize it based on the category before submitting it to article directories. In this instance, your article ought to be set in the acupuncture health category rather than blogging category. So make sure it is relevant to the category you have selected. If it is in the wrong category you might not get targeted visitors. If you’re submitting the articles on a directory then you’ll be offered with sub categories. For example, you have a healthcare blog and you’re writing about health to publicize your blog.

Traditional long-term insurance provides you with the chance to have control of the quality of care, where you receive the care, and the way you get care. If you wish to find the right sort of coverage but aren’t certain what things to do then look no more, the thing about health insurance is that you’ve t.. Health care insurance is paid yearly and you’re covered for a the calendar year, with travelers medical insurance you’re covered for a single trip only.

If you’re in the company of healthcare it’s imperative your target audiences can find you online. Many internet businesses feel that having a nice, beautifully designed website is sufficient to take care of their company and customers. If your business or website has a high SEO and can be located on the very first page of Google all the moment, individuals will notice. Reliable SEO businesses offer web development services alongside search engine optimization. There are a lot of such businesses are available which gives the services at quite low price. A great deal of healthcare web growth businesses have difficulty knowing where to begin.

The previous part is the point where the care is to be given. Support care is a bit different. For virtually every health condition, the individual will have questions about treatment alternatives, medications, and diagnosis of the status. Both patients and healthcare practitioners can profit from this service. It is vital that you get hair moisturization treatments at least one time or twice a month. On-site optimization is about bringing internal modifications to your website in such a way it attracts search engine crawlers. You also need to understand that SEO isn’t determined just by keywords. Performing SEO for your website by yourself is a tricky matter.

Pain Medication Addiction Beware

Pain pills addiction


Depressants slow brain work, they basically make you a zombie. They slow your mind function, cause confusion, disorientation, lower blood pressure and lead to fatigue. When you get started using high doses it’s possible to get irritable, paranoid and possibly suicidal. These pills may have detrimental long-term effects: depression, chronic fatigue, breathing problems, and sleep problems. Withdrawal from depressants can be quite harmful, unlike most other drugs; you might suffer with agitation, delirium, hallucinations, and convulsions. So is your following Xanax, Valium, or even Ativan really worth that sort of danger?


Painkillers are derivatives of opioids and morphine; following prolonged abuse of opioids the human body gets literally dependent on those drugs to operate daily. They’ve a variety of benign sounding side effects such as nausea, nausea and constipation but they can also make the man to slip into a coma when too much is taken. Folks take these risks each time they opt to use painkillers. The key long-term impact when using pain pills medication addiction would be your physical dependence. If your body becomes dependent, you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms after only a couple of hours. Some people choose acupuncture for  bone and muscle pain, insomnia, nausea, nausea, and cold flashes.


Stimulants, or even “Uppers,” are prescribed to treat kids with matters like ADHD but are used illegally to increase your energy level: such as cocaine or amphetamines. What’s so appealing about stimulants is that they appear to make you more awake, more concentrated and a give you a feeling of euphoria. Stimulants also increase blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and reduce hunger and sleep. If those drugs are abused for too long a individual could suffer from malnutrition, paranoia and become more aggressive.


Everybody has seen the advertisements for its new slew of antidepressants which are on the marketplace: Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa and more. We also have heard the listing of side effects related to each drug: sleeplessness, nervousness, agitation, suicidal ideas, irregular heartbeat, aggression, confusion, paranoia, hallucinations, psychosis and so many more. While I see those advertisements I think to myself, why would anybody take those drugs instead of checking in a drug treatment centers Houston? But, people do daily. They do not care about that bothering collection of unwanted effects. The catch is that in case you stop taking these pills, then you begin withdrawing from these. The melancholy you’re hoping to treat becomes much worse than anything you might have imagined. Your mind begins yelling at you to get more of those pills, you begin to construct a tolerance for these, and before you know it, you are taking more than double of what’s prescribed to you personally. Abuse of antidepressants is harmful, as is the misuse of any sort of prescription drug. There are so many negative effects for those that are prescribed these drugs just consider how much worse they can be when they have not been prescribed for you.